The Ninth Day of Ridvan – The Most Holy Day!

The Ninth Day of Ridvan – The Most Holy Day! It is the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Bahá’u’lláh, and the 42nd anniversary of the Declaration of Dr. Leland Jensen, The Establisher of the Baha’i Faith, on April 29th, 1971.

“One night, the ninth night of the waxing moon, I happened to be one of those who watched beside His blessed tent. As the hour of midnight approached, I saw Him issue from His tent, pass by the places where some of His companions were sleeping, and begin to pace up and down the moonlit, flower-bordered avenues of the garden. So loud was the singing of the nightingales on every side that only those who were near Him could hear distinctly His voice. He continued to walk until, pausing in the midst of one of these avenues, He observed: ‘Consider these nightingales. So great is their love for these roses, that sleepless from dusk till dawn, they warble their melodies and commune with burning passion with the object of their adoration. How then can those who claim to be afire with the rose-like beauty of the Beloved choose to sleep?'”

-Nabil, quoted from God Passes By